Kansas Supreme Court and Court of Appeals opinions are normally released Friday mornings at 9:30 a.m. Published Appellate Opinions are posted to the Kansas Appellate Courts’ website within one-hour of that time. Unpublished Appellate Opinions are posted on the Kansas Appellate Courts’ website, but are not available until later – between one hour to one day after release – on this website and on the Kansas Courts’ website. This page includes only Kansas Family Law and Family Law-related Appellate Decisions. The decisions on this page include both published and unpublished opinions.

2017 Kansas Family Law Appeals Decisions

Supreme Court

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Court of Appeals

January 19, 2018


117222 – In re Marriage of Santee – Per Curiam – Affirmed – Douglas

January 5, 2018


117070 – Kerry G. v. Stacy C. – Arnold-Burger, CJ – Reversed and vacated – Harvey [PFA, extension, burden of proof, appellate standards, mootness, exceptions, statutory interpretation]

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